World Youth Day 2013

My experience in Brazil was one of the most amazing. There were a lot of special moments for my group and myself. Every day was special in its own way and each week was a new and different experience.

Generosity is what I really felt during the first week, through staying with a family I did not know. They really loved us as if we were their own children. They gave us joy and peace! During this week I also experienced a bit of volountary work when we visited a small hospital, worked with children in a crash istitution and with old peopl as well.
The second week was the actual week of the World Youth Day. The energy amongst the youths filled me with joy and peace. Being amongst 3.7 million people in Copocabana was an undescribable experience. Different people from different cultures, background and speaking different languages, all sharing the same faith in the same time at the same place. Listening to the Pope speaking and letting his great words touch your heart is an amazing feeling. A Pope who is full of enthusiasm to share God’s voice.

The third week was when we all saw the beautiful nature that God gave us. Being a big country, Brazil has innumerable different landscapes and areas which one can visit. I experienced the open countryside as well as the poor people in the favelas. You still can say that they are happy people although they are poor and are less fortunate than we are. They still smile at you and welcome you to their own place. It was a very rewarding experience and I am ready to share Pope`s word that I have received.

Stephen Micallef, ZAK Tarxien