20+ Community Week

Between Monday the 8th and Sunday the 14th of April a Community week was organised for all 20+ ZAK members.

In today’s society being autonomous and independent is the norm. However we cannot just be individuals in a society, we need to be part of a community and this requires skills and willingness. ZAK is a community in itself and promotes building and living in smaller communities through its local groups. Therefore, ZAK gives priority to relationships between the members of the organization, both on a local and also on a national level. To strengthen the relationships between the members was one of the main aims of the 20+ Community week.

Sometimes to strengthen our relationships it just requires the sharing of daily experiences. During the week we celebrated mass together, cooked dinner, planned future activities, cleaned up, played games and so on. I remember that one day during this Community week we organized a simple adventurous walk in Birgu from Tarxien. We walked and talked and laughed and then we stopped near the sea for a short spiritual reflection.

The feeling that I felt in expressing some personal reflections with my friends was exceptional and relaxing. There was absolute silence so that we could hear the sea. Sometimes expressing simple thoughts with such friends forming part of ZAK makes you realize that specific people in this organization form an integral part of your life and with their help you are able to achieve great things. Not only achieve great things but become the person you are today.