We act NOW for our EurHope

We act NOW for our EurHope, was a seminar held in Rome between the 1st – 7th October by FIAC- Forum International Catholic Action. Eight different Catholic Action groups came to this seminar: Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria and Malta. It was interesting for us to share our own experience as part of Catholic Action to share our ideas and of course how our organisation works. We started the seminar by getting to know each other better and the countries we are coming from.

The aim of this seminar was to discover Europe and how can we as a youth catholic action act with other countries so as to contribute for a better European citizenship. Keeping also in mind these important words: Hope, participation, culture, identity and religion. Different workshops were done so as to discover more what we think about these words. Discussions were sometimes very animated since we are all coming from different backgrounds, but I think all this contributed in making this seminar a success. We also worked on projects that in the coming future we can work on together within our own organisation so as to make them real and to keep contact with other catholic action around Europe.

It was my first experience to participate in an international; seminar where different catholic action groups took part. We all shared our faith and prayers that helped in communicating with each other and helped us to feel part of this group. Meeting other countries and sharing your knowledge, is always a great experience that helps us grow.

Ann Marie Bonnici, ZAK Birzebbuga